Penguin Lunch Ice Mat 6" x 8"

By Icy Cools


Our original Reusable Ice Mat - sized for 6 can coolers and children's lunch boxes.

Super safe BPA-free plastic and purified, treated water.

Colorful, kid friendly design: Freezy, our Penguin mascot, graces the front of the product. 

Lasts from 4-6 hours in lunch box. 
Use more than one to last even longer! 

Durable BPA-free four layer construction insures the purified water stays inside and prevents leaks.

Flexible when frozen!  
Built in hinges allow mat to be flexible when frozen wrapping around food, beverages - even arms and legs for medical use.

Made in USA on automated USA machines, using purified water and non-toxic preservative additive.

BPA Free.  Contains purified water and food-safe dye.