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Icy Cools by Cryopak

DermaCube™ Ice Cube for Cosmetic Procedures

DermaCube™ Ice Cube for Cosmetic Procedures

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DermaCube™ for Cosmetic Surgery, Medical Offices & Dentist

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Packed 30 per pouch

  • Perfect for post injection pain from Botox, Fillers and other needle procedures.
  • Helps soothe pain, reduces swelling and healing time.
  • Small 2" x 3" size easily fits in hand
  • Duo-Temp Technology - ONE side is +45F the other is +32F
  • Built in Insulation provides comfortable level of soothing cool.
  • Printing is on INSIDE, never touches the skin
  • Filled with only purified, filtered and UV treated sterilized water.
  • Simply Freeze and Use!

Safe BPA-FREE, PVC-FREE, Non-Allergenic LDPE
Made in USA.

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