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Icy Cools by Cryopak

Ice Bandana - 2 Pack

Ice Bandana - 2 Pack

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Ice Bandana by Icy Cools.

  • Made in USA Insert - replaceable and reusable, swap out for longer cooling.
  • Keep you cool and dry with no need to soak or add water.
  • Simple freeze and use! And reuse, and reuse, .........
  • Great for sports, working, jogging, hiking, hot-flashes, anytime you're feeling hot!

  • Helps to soothe a headache and fevers from colds and viruses.
  • Made of soft terry-cloth inner and insulating neoprene outside to extend duration. 
  • DUAL-temperature insert:  The insulated (dotted side) of the insert should face outwards, directing cold to the neck.
  • Flexible insert that comes with the bandana can also be microwaved for instant heat! (heat in microwave at 30 second intervals until desired temp is reached - do not overheat it though!)
  • Multiple colors for cooling in style.
  • Safety Orange color has reflective patches! Great for hunters, construction workers, runners and cyclists.
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