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Icy Cools by Cryopak

Ice Pouch - Cool Medicine on the go!

Ice Pouch - Cool Medicine on the go!

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Ice Pouch for storing and transporting medicines that require cool fridge temperatures.
Completely portable and less than 1 lb.

Includes one Neoprene pouch with zipper and one 6" x 8" ice mat.
Lasts for 4-6 hours, keeping medicines cool.

Simply store in freezer, and remove and use.

  • Insulated design: Neoprene insulates, allowing for carrying in purse, bag or backpack.
  • Secure closure: High quality zipper with easy pull tab keeps products securely inside
  • No direct contact with ice:  Inner pouch pocket for ice mat separates medicine from ice mat and prevents direct contact
  • TSA-Compliant:  For air transportation, place into plastic pouch.  The individual ice mat cells are 2x2 complying with TSA guidelines for liquids.
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