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Icy Cools by Cryopak

Neowrap 4-in-1 Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap

Neowrap 4-in-1 Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap

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Neowrap 4-in-1 - Therapy Wrap by Icy Cools
Wrist, Ankle, Elbow and Knee
Flexible when frozen, Microwave for heat

Designed by a Ph.D. to fit securely, ice effectively and last for hours when rolled up.

You now can ice anywhere you go, after softball, soccer or basketball or even after the gym.

  • Simply keep in freezer and take with you to the gym.
  • Take it with you: Injuries happen anywhere, anytime. With NeoWrap, you can take pain relieving ice cold therapy with you.
  • The self insulating Roll-n-go design allows you to freeze the product and take it with you in your backpack or bag and it will stay cold for 4-6 hours.
  • Total Flexible Mobility: Unique separated velcro placement allows neoprene to stretch and always fasten securely.
  • No need to stay still or hold in place- Stays secure, even while walking.
  • Extra strength velcro and separations allow for a snug fit that will stay in place even if you don't.

Also great for shin splints and general aches. 

Hot/Cold Mat made proudly by Icy Cools in the USA. 

No drips and no mess.

Simply freeze and use for cold.  Microwave for soothing heat.

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