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Icy Cools by Cryopak

Neowrap LARGE Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap

Neowrap LARGE Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap

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Professional Quality Sports Therapy Products

Large 12" x 14" Design with replaceable hot/cold therapy mats
3-in-1 Design:  Back, Knee and Shoulder

Includes one Neoprene Wrap and one Insulated Hot/Cold insert mat
Additional insert mats sold separately.

  • Roll-n-Go design:  Roll up and take with you to the gym, the products self-insulates staying cold for hours in you backpack or gym bag.
  • Stays in place:  Extra Strong Velcro-Type Closure and Stretchable Neoprene for secure fit to stay attached even while walking or standing
  • For longer on the go cooling, store in cooler.
  • Compartmented Hot/Cold Mat prevents 'sloshing' and sagging - Evenly distributes cooling or heat over body parts
  • Two temperature therapy: Built-in insulation allows the insert to have two temperatures cold or ice cold and warm or hot. 
  • Cooling: One side is 32F while the other is 45F.  Choose cold or ice cold!
  • Designed in USA by PhD in Biomedical Engineering
  • Hot/Cold Insert Made in USA
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